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Powerful AI powered rewriter tool, write and rewrite articles and texts. Generate content using over 50 different modules. We have everything you need for your writing needs and content creation.

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Paraphrasing Tool Benefits

Your 1# Writing Assistant, tons of features!

Latest AI Paraphrasing Tool

Our new AI paraphrasing tool is designed to create professional, and accurate text quickly and efficiently using our advanced AI technology. We use the latest in AI technology to rewrite articles, texts and content.

Over +33 Languages Supported

Yes you heard that correctly! You can now use our rewriter tool with over 33 different languages and counting. The AI is fluent in all these languages!

Sentence Rephraser

Our rephraser can rephrase sentences using a variety of different tones, all from Funny to Dramatic tones of voice. Rewrite sentences with ease today! Your sentences have never been better.

Over 50 different modules

At Paraphrase Tool, we have all the tools you need for your copywriting and writing needs. Create articles, FAQ answers, descriptions, testimonials, product names, blog titles, blog ideas and blog sections. Everything you need to get your writing project off the ground. Paraphrase Tool is the one-stop shop for all your writing needs.

Export to PDF & Word with 1-click

You can export your paraphrased content directly to Word or PDF format, without having to copy and paste the generated text. This saves you time and energy, so you can focus on other things that matter.

Generate AI Images Using Text

If you're looking for a way to add some extra flair to your paragraphs, sentences, and articles, our text to image AI tool can help you with that. With this tool, you can generate images that match your text. Take your content to the next level today.

Paraphrasing Tool Uses the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Technology available today

Low quality rephrasing and article rewriting days are over! With our sophisticated AI technology, you can create stunning, and accurate text with just a press of a button. So why waste time writing articles and texts by hand when you can get such great quality articles with just a push of a button?

At Paraphrase Tools, we know that well-formatted, easy-to-read texts are important. That's why our number one priority is providing high quality modules and tools that meet highest of standards. With our tools, you can be confident that your content will be well-formatted and easy to read. No matter what you're using them for we got you covered!

Paraphrasing Tool Modules

All of our writing modules that will take your productivity to the next level, we have more in the dashboard!

Blog Conclusion

End your blog articles with an engaging conclusion paragraph

Blog Titles

Nobody wants to read boring blog titles, generate catchy blog titles with this tool

Blog Section

Write a full blog section (few paragraphs) about a subheading of your article

Blog Ideas

The perfect tool to start writing great articles. Generate creative ideas for your next post

Blog Intros

Write an intro that will entice your visitors to read more about your article

Welcome Email

Create welcome emails for your customers

Cold Email

Create professional cold emails with the help of AI

Follow-Up Email

Create professional email follow up with just few clicks

Amazon Product Description

Create attention grabbing amazon product description

Google Ads Description

Write a Google Ads description that makes your ad stand out and generates leads

Google Ads Headlines

Write catchy 30-character headlines to promote your product with Google Ads

Facebook Headlines

Write catchy and convincing headlines to make your Facebook Ads stand out

Social Media Post (Business)

Write a post for your business to be published on any social media platform

Facebook Ads

Write Facebook ads that engage your audience and deliver a high conversion rate

Social Media Post (Personal)

Write a social media post for yourself to be published on any platform

Instagram Hashtags Generator

Find the best hashtags to use for your Instagram posts

Instagram Captions

Grab attention with catchy captions for your Instagram posts

Creative Stories

Allow AI to generate creative stories for you based on input text

Grammar Checker

Make sure that there are no errors in your content

Summarize for 2nd Grader

Summarize any complex content for a 2nd grader child

Content Rewriter

Take a piece of content and rewrite it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging

Academic Essay

Create creative academic essays for various subjects just in a second

Product Name Generator

Create creative product names from examples words

Article Generator

Turn a title and outline text into a fully complete high quality article within seconds

Paragraph Generator

Generate paragraphs about any topic including a keyword and in a specific tone of voice

Talking Points

Write short, simple and informative points for the subheadings of your article

Pros & Cons

Write the pros and cons of a product, service or website for your blog article

Summarize Text

Summmarize any text in a short and easy to understand concise way

Product Description

Write the description about your product and why it worth it

Startup Name Generator

Generate cool, creative, and catchy names for your startup in seconds

Youtube Tags Generator

Generate SEO-optimized YouTube tags / keywords for your video

Video Descriptions

Write compelling YouTube descriptions to get people interested in your video

Video Scripts

Quickly create scripts for your videos and start shooting

Video Titles

Write a compelling YouTube video title to catch everyones attention


Generate one of most effective copywriting formula for your business

Meta Description

Write SEO-optimized meta description based on a description


Generate frequently asked questions based on your product description

FAQ Answers

Generate creative answers to questions (FAQs) about your business or website

Testimonials / Reviews

Add social proof to your website by generating user testimonials

Customer Reviews

We guarantee that you will be happy with our tool

Various Subscription Plans

Afforable pricing plans for everyone

Top up your subscription with more credits or start with Prepaid Plans credits only
50000 Words USD10.00$

Words Included: 50,000

Images Included: 0

100000 Words USD20.00$

Words Included: 100,000

Images Included: 0

200000 Words USD40.00$

Words Included: 200,000

Images Included: 0

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USD / Month

  • 50000 Words Included
  • 20 AI Images Included
  • All Modules Included (Over 50)
  • 2000 Words Limit Per Text
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USD / Month

  • 130000 Words Included
  • 50 AI Images Included
  • All Modules Included (Over 50)
  • 3000 Words Limit Per Text


USD / Month

  • 260000 Words Included
  • 100 AI Images Included
  • All Modules Included (Over 50)
  • 5000 Words Limit Per Text
Subscribe to our Yearly Subscription Plans and enjoy ton of benefits


USD / Year

  • 50000 Words Included
  • 20 AI Images Included
  • All Modules Included (Over 30)
  • 2000 Words Limit Per Text
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USD / Year

  • 130000 Words Included
  • 50 AI Images Included
  • All Modules Included (Over 50)
  • 3000 Words Limit Per Text


USD / Year

  • 260000 Words Included
  • 100 AI Images Included
  • All Modules Included (Over 50)
  • 5000 Words Limit Per Text
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What is Paraphrase

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have you covered.

A paraphrasing tool is a software program that helps you to reword or rephrase a text. It is a useful tool when you want to avoid plagiarism, make your writing more concise, or clarify a complex idea.
The paraphrasing tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze your text and generate alternative wordings that convey the same message in a unique way. By using synonyms, restructuring sentences, and rephrasing concepts, the tool can create high-quality content that is both accurate and engaging.
A good paraphrasing tool can be highly accurate and produce high-quality content. However, as with any automated tool, it is always advisable to review the output and make any necessary revisions to ensure that the final text is accurate, appropriate, and free of plagiarism.
A paraphrasing tool can be a great asset for academic writers who wish to create original and non-plagiarized content. However, it is always important to double-check the outputted text for accuracy, relevancy, and adherence to any institutional guidelines. With the help of a paraphrasing tool, you can take your academic writing up a notch and make your work stand out from the rest.
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