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Top AI Based Content Generators

Admin / March 19, 2023

Top AI Based Content Generators Of 2023 That Can Help With Your Business
Being a part of the twenty-first century we have come across major technological advancements in the last few decades. Technology evolving to a level where machines can work and think like human beings have become an unfathomable feat in the field of innovation.
This very piece of technology is what is most commonly known as artificial intelligence. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, one can draw a portrait like Van Gogh or can even study a subject within a short period. That is not all, nowadays there are AI based content generators that can help your business grow more effectively or can even put a stop to your investment in normal content.
Language has been the key to communication that connects one human being to another. That is why for every business to connect with the desired audience and customers, content is a vital element that cannot be overlooked.
Content is important in every sector. Be it the health sector or entertainment. As mentioned earlier, content is what helps you not only deliver your message to your audience but can also help you minimize your cost of investment while opening a plethora of opportunities for your business to become formidable. So, are those all the benefits it can offer you? Certainly not!
It has been found that an average person can take 3-4 hours while writing a 1500-word article. At the same time, an AI based content generator will generate an article with the same word count within a few minutes. This is what makes it special from that a manual process. However, you should know that being generated by AI won't deliver the quality that you often get from a human writer. In that sense, you cannot rely completely on a machine to do all the tasks. Nonetheless, it is effective when it comes to writing a generic article or rewriting an existing article within a short time.
In addition to this, a human writer has the chance of getting writer's block which can stop him from writing an article for a while. Which often causes problems with timely delivery. But, when you have a backup option like an AI based content generator, you can get content according to your requirements. What's more interesting is that some of the AI based content generators can also deliver content according to your business requirements like a blog, article, or guide.
So, what's stopping you from getting this piece of innovation in your inventory? Believe us, it can come in handy during dire times and help you increase your return on investment which ultimately leads to the growth of your business.
In this article, we have analyzed and compiled the top AI based content generator tools. That can help you with your business to become more versatile and profitable.
Paraphrasing Tool
The paraphrasing tool is one of the latest among these AI based Content Generators. However, it ensures Maximum accuracy and efficiency while generating unique professional writing pieces within a short period.
In addition to this Paraphrasing tool also supports over 22 languages making it one of a kind multilingual AI Content Generator. Furthermore, it features 30 different writing modules like articles, blog posts, ads, products name, etc that enables you to generate content according to your requirement.
The paraphrasing tool is not only a simple AI content generator tool. It also has a very intricate yet simplified AI image generator that can produce images according to your entered text, which provides you with appropriate images to post along with your content.
Pricing: This innovative tool comes at three different prices. Basic, standard, and premium start from $10, $20, and $40 respectively.
Copysmith features over 30+ writing templates that enable you to make compelling Facebook ads, your service and deliver your message to your audience. Furthermore, it is an effective content rewriter that generates compelling content according to your requirements.
Furthermore, it also has a system that allows you to organize and store your content in different folders. Which makes it easy for you to navigate through content without creating a mess.
Last but not least, Copysmith also has a chrome browser extension that enables you to work with the tool without installing the software.
Pricing: Its price range starts at $19. For every new user, it offers a free trial for up to 3 days.
It is an AI content generator that helps you to create compelling content that has the potential to keep your audience engaged.
In addition to this, it features two different content-generating options. The first option enables you to write landing pages, social media ads, and so on. The latter option allows you to write long-form writing like blogs and articles. Furthermore, it also supports showing and correcting readability scores and grammatical errors.
Pricing: Starts at $15 per month. Offers free trial to every new user.
It is one of the oldest AI content generator tools that deliver you SEO-relevant content. Unlike typical templates that come with other AI content generators, Kafkai offers content in over 30+ niches including health, technology, sports, SEO, and so on.
Just like any typical Content Generator, will offer you high-quality content within a short time. Not only that, the content generated is known to be high-quality focused.
Kafkai also offers a WordPress Plugin that allows you to generate content directly on WordPress without any inconveniences.
It is another multilingual AI content generator that supports over 7 different major languages.
Pricing: Pricing starts at $29 per month.
Article Forge
By using deep learning, Article Forge can create well-researched SEO articles within a minute. All it requires you to input your keywords and relevant information to create unique contents that can help your business to scale the market more effectively.
This tool's interface is quite interesting. The content it generates can be customized with details like article length, secondary keywords, and so on.
It also features AI image generation and supports 7 different languages.
Pricing: it offers a 5-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, it can be purchased at two different rates. $27 per month billed annually and $57 per month.
Copy AI
It is quite a popular AI content generator tool that is being used by over 1 million users throughout the world. It offers over 90 tools for effective and efficient copywriting and content writing.
It also features several templates that enable you to generate different content according to your needs. These include social media posts, articles, blog posts, case studies, video scripts, and so on.
With only a few user inputs it can generate compelling content within a short time. Not only that, but it also supports over 25+ languages which makes it another multilingual AI content generator. Furthermore, it also supports long-form writing and allows you to generate unlimited content.
Pricing: It has a free plan for occasional uses or allows you to test the tool before purchasing it. As for the premium plans, it starts at $49 per month.
As you have got the list of the top 6 AI content generators you can start testing them and use them in your business. However, with all the ruckus behind using AI being unethical, how far is the truth? Should you use it? Let's find out.
Is it unethical to use an AI content generator?
The answer is quite simple. It's not unethical to use a tool that can profit your business and help you become more efficient and progressive.
A lot of people are skeptical about how inferior the content generated by these AI tools is. Well, it depends on the person who is operating the system.
In order to understand how to get high-quality content, you need to understand what's the best practice to make your AI content generator work efficiently.
How To Use An AI Content Generator Effectively?
Using an AI content generator tool is effective and efficient in the long run. It might not produce as much compelling content as a normal writer can deliver. However, with the right input and output prompt an Ai content generator tool can deliver high-quality content that is appealing and engaging.
Here's how you can generate quality content using the best practice.
Working on Input Prompt
For your AI tool to generate the content according to your requirements, you need to feed the system with the basic things that you want to see in the final results. These include writing style, word count, niche, and so on. By clearly establishing what you want, you will create content that has been created by the tool while adhering to your requirements.
Choose The Best Output
When generating content in an AI content generator tool, the tool will give you numerous writings in different formats and styles. You need to choose what's best for you.
Proofread Your Content
Once you receive your content, make sure to proofread it in order to mitigate any grammatical errors and readability issues. You can also modify it here and there to make it look more interesting and engaging.
Final Words
AI Based Content Generator tools are getting recognized as an effective tool for businesses that are always in demand for good content. You should remember the fact that, when you use an AI content generator tool, it will make your business more efficient and progressive. So, you need not worry about any ruckus that you hear on the internet.
Last but not least, AI based content generators can not only solve the problem of writer's block but can deliver your business optimum growth by offering a high return on investment.